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Happy ending

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I wouldn't mind dropping hot oil all over you and then caressing my big hands over that tight petite body. Gently but stil firmly massage your naked body. Working my way up those legs. Giving your inner thighs some extra love before I firmly grabs that little sexy butt of yours and working your buttocks real good.
Working my hands on that butt. Spreading your cheeks and gently tickel and caressing your butt hole. Before I lett my hand slip deaper in between your legs.

Then I move them to your back. Massaging it firmly. Letting my hands go down your sides, feeling the edges of your boobs that's pressing out when you lay there naked with your face down. Then I go back to your butt and focus on both your holes. Letting my fingers dance over your pussy, making it all wet. You arch and pushes your butt up to give my hand more room to move. My fingertips playes with your clitoris before I slip one finger inside you. At the same time my thumb has been massaging your anal and now I slowly starts to pressing it inside you as well. Letting you feel my fingers in both your holes.
I let my fingers go out just to slip them back in. I hear you moaning about how good it feels. I smile and works my thumb in and out your tiny little ass, the same ass that I'm about to enter later on...
Suddenly my hand goes away and you're left there wonder what happened and wanting more.

I have climb up on the table, diving in with my tounge and licking and eating your butt. Grabbing your hips and pulls you upon all four so I can give your pussy some attention too. Then all of a sudden I push you down again. And I get down from the table.

Then you hear a bottle open and you feel something cold between your buttocks. Then you feel something bigger than my thumb. Pressing and making it's way in, then your butt gives in and the butt plug slides in to place.

Time to turn over.

When you turn over and face me you can feel your pelvic pulsate by excitement. You can't help but smile. You look at me as I start to caress the front side of your legs. But when my hands gets close to your vagina I choose to tease you instead of please you. I let my hands get very close but then they turn away out on the side of your body. Being as horny as you now are, this frustrates you. And I let it happen again and again. Each time you hope that this time you once again will feel my fingers tickle your clitoris, but no.

Your breath is heavy now. You moan and looks at my body. I’m wearing loose-legged pants in linen and you can clearly see that underneath those pant my cock is getting real hard. When I continue to tease you by letting my hands get very close, but not on your pussy, you can't take it any more. With one of your hands you reach for my crotch, the other one tries to guide my hands to your pussy. But before you reach your goal I grab your wrists.

I look at you, straight in your eyes. You can see the determination in my eyes. I lets one of my hands stroke your cheek. Then I say
-Not yet!

And then you feel a light but still firm slap on your face. This kind of throws you off balance so to say. And in that moment I grab both your wrists and lifts then above your head.
-So so dear, just relax and let me take care of you.

Then you feel something around your wrist and all of a sudden your hands are tied to the upper end of the massage table. I then move down to your feet and you watch me do the same to your ankles as I did to your wrists. You can't help it, but it turns you on.

Then I leave the room and you wonder if I'm just going to leave you there. But it's not long before I return. I’m carrying a small bag in my hand. From that bag I'm picking up a blindfold. You look at me a bit nervous but at the same time so excited and turned on. Then everything becomes dark. You feel a shiver go trough your body. Lying there, blindfolded and tied to a massage table.

I let my hand feel your body. Squeezing your firm boobs, letting your nipples in between my fingertips and tickles them. -Now you're all mine to play with.

Once more you hear a sound of a bottle that opens, drops of cold oil then lands on your chest and my firm hands once again starts to caress your breasts, making them all slippery and shiny with oil. Once second I grab the whole boob and squeezes it, the other second it's just a gentle touch.

You can't see it but I been over and kisses your nipples, I nibble on them before I go back to using my hands.

You then feel my fingertip on your lips and soon after our lips make contact for a kiss. My tounge dances with your tongue in a perfect harmony. During this you can feel that one of my hands is making its way down to your wet pussy. Circling around your clitoris, then up and down between the lips of your vagina. Then finally my finger penetrates you.

A big moan is heard for you and you pushing your hip upward to meet my hand and make the finger slip deaper in.

I end our kiss and turn my attention to your wet pussy. I start by kissing your groin and then closer and closer before you feel my tounge making contact with your clitoris. The one finger inside if you is now two fingers. Moving quickly in and out. My finger in combination with my tounge makes you breath heavier and heavier and you almost screams out your moans. So close now. Then I stop.
-Not yet my beautiful dear.
Your heart is still racing. I look at you. So sexy. So wet.
I pull my pants downand undresses myself. I move you a bit in the table so that your head is outside the end of the table. Making your head hang down over the edge. Perfect position for me to put my hard cock in your mouth...

You feel my cock touching your lips. You put your tounge out to meet it. Moving your tounge on my glans. Tasting my cock before you feel me taking a firm grip on your boobs and slowly but determined pushing my cock into your mouth. After I'll let it in for a bit I move it back out again. All of this very slowly. I then stop and you suck on it and yourself decide the tempo but using your neck muscles and moving your head back and forth. During this I constantly playing with your boobs. Caressing them. Grabbing them. Playing with your nipples. Every once and while I reaches out with one of my arm and giving your pussy some love to.

Suddenly I stop. You feel my hands sliding up your neck, grabbing your head. Then I slowly presses my cock deaper in your mouth. Trying to fit as much as possible into your mouth. At one point you almost can breath. Thats when I pull out. Then I repeat the same move a couple of times before I bend down and gives you an intense kiss.
-You're so pretty. I will soon enjoy fucking you good.

After the kiss you hear me picking up something from the bag again.
I tell you to open your mouth again. Not sure what awaits you do as you're told and I place a gagball in your jaws. I then adjust your body so that your head don't hang over the edge any more.

I then loses the band around your legs. Now only your hands are tied to the table. Still you have s blindfold on and can't see anything. I places your legs on my shoulders and makes my way up on the lower end of the table.

Placeing my face close to your pussy you can feel my breath. I blow some air on your clitoris, and being as horny as you are, its enough to make you shiver. Then I dive in. Licking your up and down. Stoping to penetrate you with my tounge. The up and down again. Stoping at your clitoris. Your hear the noice of something. Then you realize what it is. A vibrator and soon it makes its way into your pussy. You are so close now.

Then the vibrator stops and I'll put it away. For a second your disappointed but the you feel my tounge on your clitoris again. I'm building you up to and orgasm.
Not long now. Then I grab the buttplug, slowly pulling it out. Your ass is open when the plug leaves you. Then your little tight rose close. You then feel the plug again as I put it back inside. And when I pull it out for the second time and simultaneously using my tounge on your clitoris, then you can't take it any more. Your body is tense. For a second you arenot breathing. Then it lets lose. You starts to shake and moan and I can feel your pusdy pulsate. I move away and lets you ride out your orgasm.

Then I put my hand in the bag again.

When you lay there enjoying the aftermath of your orgasm you can here me picking something up from the bag. Your breath is still heavy and your chest moves up and down. A slight touch from me on your vaginal makes you crawl on the table. You then realize that I’m climbing up on the table. My hands caress your legs moving from your calves and upwards. Reaching your thighs and gently spreading your legs. I then move closer and then you feel it. My hard cock against your pussy. In one slow move I pushes it in all the way until my hip meet your hip. Once again you just moan out loud. I stay still for a bit, letting you feel the size of me. Feel how I’m filling every inch of your pussy. You love the feeling of me inside. I let my body down over yours. So you can feel the heat from my body against your chest. I kiss you.

Then I move away. Slowly removing my dick from your pussy. I get down from the table. I hear you complaining. Begging me to fuck you! Please!
I smile. You’re right where I want you now! Willing to do anything. I then take up what I earlier grabbed from the bag and you feel a pressure against your anal. It’s bigger this time than before. It’s stretches you and I having a bit of trouble to get it in. I’m leaning over, whispering in your ear.
-Just relax babe! I’m just preparing your ass so that you’re ready to take my cock there later. Ready to get fuck hard in your butt.

Then I kiss you and you relax and it is in.

After that I free your hand from the table and lift you up in my arms. Caring you to another room. Because you’re blindfolded you don’t know where we are going and you get a bit scared when I drop you. But you land softly on my bed. I grab your ankles and move you to a wanted position. I’m standing beside the bed and your right next to the edge. Your legs is even hanging over the edge. I grab your legs with my arms. Spreading them, I tell you to hold your leg in that position. Then I take aim with my penis. You are about to get completely filled up, a bigger butt plug in your ass than ever before now my cock once again spreading your vaginal and entering that warm and lovely place of yours. This time, it’s not only you that moans. I feel how tight and wet you are and can’t avoid making some noise of pleasure.

You feel like you´re in heaven. Having both your ass and your pussy stretch out is and amazing feeling that you haven´t experienced before. But you like it so much. But it also makes you feel a bit dirty, dirty in the way that you like it so much. Like getting manhandle and fuck hard in both ass and pussy and like having toys inside you at the same time as my cock slowly makes its way back and forth inside your pussy. And you like feeling dirty, it makes you even more horny. You moan.

I grab your legs and puts them on my shoulder. Holding u in place by placing my arms around your legs somewhere around your thigh/knees.
- You like my big cock in your pussy don’t you?
You try to answer but just as you’re about to say something I ram my dick all the way to the bottom and instead of answering me you just scream of joy.

I’m beginning to move my cock faster in and out of your tight pussy. Such a nice feeling. You don’t really know where to go. Your body just wanna move everywhere and at the same time you just want to lay the omitted to me. You try to grab the bed sheets but you are moving back and forth by the power of my. I’m fucking you hard and when my hip hits your butt and my cock is as deap as possibly in your pussy you bounce away a bit, but I quickly drag you back towards me. At this stage you are just screaming out your moans.

Without any warning I push you away from me and throw your legs down on the bed. I then grab your hip and pulls you up on all four. You feel me grabbing the butt plug and pulling it slowly. Your ass spreads and finally give in and the plug slips out. I watch your asshole shrink again and then you feel my tounge licking your ass. But only for a short time. Then smack!
My hand lands on your left buttock. Smack. On the rights buttock. It’s hard. Butt not painful. On the edge between, smack again, between pain and pleasure. Your already wet pussy feels even more moist. You like it.
Then you feel how your ass once again gets penetrated and soon the butt plug in back inside of you. Then you feel how I’m teasing you but letting the top of my hard cock slide up and down between the lips of your pussy. After a couple of second you´re begging me to put it in.
Please! Please! Pleaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

I make as you wish and starts fucking you doggy style. As I am doing it a every now and then spank your butt with my hand. Keeping your buttocks red. I’m building you up to your second orgasm of the night and you starts you finger yourself on your clitoris. I see this and take a firm grip of your hair and pull your head back for a bit, this makes you almost come. And when I grab the butt plug and pull it out at the same time you passed over to the land of joy and orgasm and screams out all the feelings that runs thru your shaking body. You falls over and I continue to fuck you thru your orgasm, pushing your head down the pillow.

Then I remove my cock from you pussy and before the last aftermaths of your orgasm have ebbed out you feel how something is making it’s way in your ass. Something bigger than the butt plug that was there a minute ago.

Inch by inch you feel how your ass gives in and my cock penetrates your ass deeper and deeper. You're out of breath by the feeling of complete joy, pleasure, and pain at the same time. But joy and pleasure is taking over and when you feel my hip against your butt, you're in heaven. The whole of my cock inside you. All stretched out, and you love it. I bend over. Caresses you thru your hair then I firmly grabs your hair, lean in close to your ear and whispers.
-Who's a dirty girl that loves a big cock in her ass?

At the same time as I ask you this I have slowly begun to move my cock in and out of your tight little ass.

-I am, you answers.

-You're what? I reply and let my palm spank your buttock.

-I'm a dirty girl that loves a big cock in my ass, you answer.

-Can't hear you, I reply and once more my palm lands on your butt.

Then when your about to answer a third time and my cock is almost out, I do a big hump and slams my cock to the bottom of your ass.
This makes you scream out your answer.


You then feel how i grab your hips and start fucking you real good. Every now and then I spank your ass, pushes your head down in rhe bed or grab your neck.

I then pull out and I hear you whispers "no"

I turn you over on your back. I remove the blindfold and when you look at me you see me holding a gagball. This is for you love. I then help you put it on.

Then I lift your legs up and spreading them like a v.
I place the top of my cock at the entrance of your ass.

I look you in the eyes, and then begins to press it in.

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